Hide Sins with a Distressed Finish

In a home with kids, tabletops take a beating.  Whether it’s spoons banging away or race cars zooming by, our dining tables and coffee tables need to stand up to the abuse.  One way to protect the look of your tables is to embrace the look of a distressed finish.


image via Cortney Bishop



image via Cortney Bishop


If your home has a farmhouse style, a shabby chic vibe, an industrial look, or an eclectic flair then this is a great table finish for you.  It will fit right in, supply character from the start, and only gain more character (aka loveable scars) over time.


image via Bliss Design



image via beeyoutiful life



image via houzz


Lots of furniture vendors are selling the distressed finish as an option on new furniture today.  Or, you can go for the real deal by searching vintage furniture shops, or having a custom table built with reclaimed wood.  And after you find the perfect distressed table, you can enjoy it with the kids and their friends, knowing it will look just as good after the play date!


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