Loving Leather


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If we can only impart one tip, it’s USE LEATHER.  Whether your style is streamlined and modern, or plush traditional, there is a leather sofa for you.  Style, check!  And it’s fabulously kid-friendly.  Spilled milk?  No tears required, a quick wipe does the trick.  Hot wheels on the seat?  No loose threads to catch on those wheels.  Temper tantrum?  No worries, those claw nail marks add character.  Durability, check!


image via insideout

Have a favorite leather sofa or chair you’ve been eyeing?  Or a favorite leather inspiration image?  We’d love for you to share it with us by tagging @designwithkids

The Top 4 Design Challenges when Sharing Space with Kids

You know the drill – you want to keep your living room looking sophisticated and chic but your kids (and all their  stuff) have other ideas.  You can fight back by focusing on these 4 key factors when designing or updating your space.


  • Style You don’t have to give up your personal style just because your kids are dominating your personal life.  We won’t lie – you may need to pivot your style in order to check off the other three key factors (for example if you love sharp corners and glass coffee tables you may need to rethink your approach when the little one starts moving).  But know what all style-conscious parent face this challenge.   Look for our posts tagged ‘Style‘ for inspiration.
  • Safety:  Nothing is more important than your child’s safety.  There are many factors to think about – chemicals, sharp corners, hard floors, small pieces, outlets, wires, furniture stability, fireplaces, among many others – and the  process of ‘childproofing’ can feel overwhelming.  Not to mention that the tighter safety criteria can severely limit your options when shopping.  We will explore these safety hazards, share resources we found helpful and touch on our own challenges along the way – look out for posts tagged ‘Kid Safety‘.
  • Durability:  Kids will definitely put the durability of your furniture to the test.  Are your couch cushions less ‘cushiony’ after daily jumping and fort building sessions?  Does your ottoman all of a sudden feature your child’s latest art endeavor?  Are there race-car lanes etched into your hardwood floor?  Hopefully you can answer “no” to these questions – but I’m sure many of us can’t.  Our posts tagged ‘Durability‘ will provide a little commiseration (i.e. disaster images) as well as some recommendations to ensure your space looks great throughout and despite all the wear and tear.
  • Storage:  One of the most surprising aspects of parenting for me so far is  the amount of ‘stuff’ that one little guy can accumulate.  We are constantly struggling with where to put it all and are always looking for the right storage solutions that work with our overall design.  Posts tagged as ‘Storage‘ will contain some ideas that we think work well to keep your kids stuff out of view but still accessible.